Audit of the article

Placing the scientific articles in relevant publications is a hard work. In addition to writing the complex scientific article it is required to prepare it in a proper way in order to be accepted for the publication by citation database and scientific journal.

Editing of scientific article is one of the most important parts of the publication, and for that reason it is essential to pay special attention on it. Our company can support in that, and we suggest auditing of the article for the publication to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the journal or citation database.

Terms of processing and preparation of scientific article are available at any citation service. It can be downloaded or read online, upon which the text to be prepared according to these requirements. Perhaps, you perform editing of the article before the publication not for the first time and you know processing features. But still, it is essential to be sure that the article will be accepted and will not keep waiting another one or two months to be able to submit it again. In this case, the audit of the scientific article for publication, carried out by our company, will be helpful.

Audit of the scientific article includes as follows:

  • Checking the text for plagiarism;
  • Check spelling, punctuation, stylistic errors;
  • Audit of text design for compliance with requirements of All Union State standards or service quotation requirements, taking into account the requirements of a specific journal or journal group;
  • Audit of the availability and quality of empirical data of the article, which is the most important for the positive assessment of the suitability of the article for the publication;
  • Checking translated article and documents;
  • Analysis of proper use of quotations from already published sources;
  • Audit of documents for submission the article to the publication.

Working with us

As a result, you will receive recommendations for corrections for full compliance of the article with the publication requirements in an international or local journal, which will help you to get approval at the first attempt.

Working with us, you obtain a wide range of benefits: 

  • Save time on repetitive corrections;
  • See all mistakes remained after individual check;
  • Get recommendations in accordance with the terms of the journal;
  • Learn about publication features and underlying potential problems.

Further publication will be easier if to prepare the scientific article for the publication with the audit of our company in advance and in a proper manner. Therefore don’t trust to chance, and get it right the first time.

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