Publication in HAC (Higher Attestation Commission)

Currently, in order to protect the scientific work, it is required to fulfill certain conditions, among which is a mandatory requirement of publication in HAC journals. Higher Attestation Commission is a state agency which is responsible for the confirmation of doctors or candidate appointments. This is why many students and graduates tend to be published in HAC, as often as possible.

To be able to get a degree in sciences, HAC makes demands concerning the number of published articles. It is required that the candidate publishes articles in scientific journals at least 3 times, while the doctor of science shall publish starting from 15 articles. These requirements for getting the degree relate to the applicants of following sciences :

  • Humanities;
  • Art History;
  • Cultural Studies;
  • Public;
  • Social;
  • Economic.

For other fields of science 2 articles for the candidate and 10 articles for the doctorate are required. And it is advisable to have 1-2 articles more than it is stipulated in regulations. However, emerging authors don’t know how to publish an article in HAC. Our company will assist on it, as we work with a large number of scientific publications and we can quickly place the article in HAC database and in journal pages. In order to do this, you shall contact us and we will perform all work for the preparation and promotion of an article in the HAC publication.

Our services include:

  • Selection of the most promising and available publishers;
  • Bringing the article into conformity with journal publishing requirements;
  • Preparation and processing an application and reviews by field-specific experts;
  •  Urgent publication of the article in HAC;
  • Preparation and issuance of acceptance certificate which is required for future publications.

Working with us

Very often there can be a situation when urgent publication of scientific work in HAC is needed. Such a situation arises when the work was written one month prior to presentation. In this case, the article to be urgently published in HAC for the possibility to be indicated in the author’s abstract.

Our company can support in this situation by prompt publishing of the article in one of the editions. At the same time we can support in preparation and publication of the required number of scientific works for getting the degree. 

The cost of publication in HAC depends on the pricing policy of the journal. Our experts can provide more details on the interest rate depending on the urgency of the publication in HAC.

Our company will give you the opportunity to save a lot of time, as the most of even already published authors place the article in the journal after several attempts, which in general can take up to six months.

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