Publication in RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index)

Publication of articles in RISC is an opportunity to show the work throughout the Russian-speaking scientific community. Russian Science Citation Index (RISC) allows authors not only be published in various journals in Russian, but also to obtain information about already published works for research in articles. The RISC database contains about 6 000 000 works which are available in more than 4000 editions.

Any author, who wants to be recognized in the scientific community, is required to publish their works in RISC. This will give him the opportunity to get the rating, one of indicator of which is the Hirsch index. This indicator considers not only the number of publications, but also citations number of author’s works.

Those who have not yet been published in the local media should know about the procedure of preparation of the work for submission to RISC. Requirements have been developed as a result of the rapid expansion of the database on the basis of electronic service. In addition, each work is subject to strict check for compliance with the requirements on article structure, availability of all information about the article and its author.

Working with us

To be able to publish an article in RISC in a prompt manner without wasting time for numerous corrections, our company offers to support in preparation of the work according to the requirements. We will not only check the structure and mistakes, and provide the translation of certain parts of the article, but also we will assist in promoting your work during the process of publication in RISC.

Our company – is not only an assistant in the process of publication in RISC but also an experienced partner who are on your side.

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