Publication in SCOPUS

Any author of a scientific article looks for the exclusive publication for placing his work. Scopus database – is an information database about millions of scientific articles published in various international journals. By means of Scopus the determination of the citation and of the compliance level of scientific work are performed to be able to place in the scientific journals, serial books and conference materials.

Information on Scopus database

Today, Scopus is the largest abstract and bibliographic citation database of scientific works. Furthermore Scopus database includes:

  • 35 000+ peer-reviewed journals;
  • 3 600+ Open Access publications;
  • 420+ Russian journals;
  • 1 100+ books;
  • 800+ Trade Publications journals;
  • 6 800 000+ conference works;
  • 50 000 000+ works, 29 million of which were issued after 1996.

At the moment, Scopus is the largest and preferable tool for searching scientific works, citation check and publication selection. However, the scientific work has to meet the requirements without which the publication in Scopus is impossible.

 Requirements for publication in Scopus

There are a number of requirements to the scientific work for publication in Scopus. To be accepted for indexing works are meant to be accurately performed. Moreover it is important to find the publisher, contact them and get approval for publication.

Working with us

The most important requirement is that the article has to be in English. If your work is written in Russian, then it must be translated. This will be performed by our translators who are both native speakers and specialists in your article subject. They will not make any mistakes and inaccuracies in presenting the document, which is one of the major obstacles for publication of the article in Scopus.

It is also very important how the article is designed. The correct font, size, images and many other things to be taken into consideration before submitting the article to the publication. Our experts know exactly all requirements, as they already prepared hundreds of articles for submission to the publication, therefore they will bring your work into full conformity with design requirements.

Moreover the publication is quite complicated process. It is needed to contact with journal publishers on a regular basis and negotiate for the publication of the article. This can be done only by the person who understands the cooperation and negotiation approaches for placing scientific works in foreign journal.

If you want to open up new opportunities in the scientific world and to show the world your work, you will need to publish it in Scopus, which will be performed by our company promptly and at a low price.

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