Translation of scientific works

Publication in international journals and scientific publications open up great opportunities for scientists. However, the Russian-speaking authors of scientific articles have to submit their works in English or another foreign language in order to be published. Therefore your scientific article to be translated on high quality level by field-specific native speaker.

Placement of the article in foreign journals, especially with the indexation in citation databases, to be carried out only with the full compliances with requirements. One of these requirements is a high-quality translation of scientific article. This will ensure that any part has been accepted correctly and did not cause any misunderstanding by readers.

However, specific features of scientific articles are that an ordinary translator can misinterpret the scientific thought or not know technical terms or phrases. In terms of complexity of scientific texts our translators are not only native speakers, but also field-specific experts in defined field of science. This makes them to understand the unique features of the content more precisely and also to translate the form of presentation into the foreign language in correct way.

We provide translations of scientific articles of any scientific subject. In addition the translator knows well the specifics of citation services work and will perform the translation of scientific article in accordance with these specifics and at the same time will carry out the preparation of the article according to the submission terms.

Working with us

Our company also performs the translation of articles accompanying documents:

  • Annotation to the article;
  • Application for the publication;
  • Diplomas and certificates;
  • Documents of the author of scientific article;
  • Referee report from scientists and experts.

All you have to do is to consent for the publication and to make payment, after which our translators together with publication experts will perform all work accurately and tidily.

We are an experienced participant of publishing works in journals of international citation databases; therefore you can easily trust us.

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