Publication in PubMed and in other resources

To be able to publish the work in a scientific journal and to present it to the scientific community, it is required to choose one of citation database. This allows the author to publish his works in the best journals, and to receive the rating and candidate or doctorate degree.

Currently, there are several leading international and Russian citation indexes, such as:

  • Scopus;
  • Web of Science;
  • Erih Plus;
  • RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index);
  • HAC (Higher Attestation Commission).

Each of these databases offers the possibility to publish almost in any scientific sphere. Our company assists in publishing articles in these, and also in other specialized databases, such as:

  • PubMed – medical subject-matter;
  • Chemical Abstracts – chemical industry;
  • EBSCO – various subjects;
  • Springer – architecture, engineering, medicine, construction, theoretical science, transport, economy;
  • Agris – agriculture;
  • GeoRef – geography and geosciences;
  • Astrophysics Data System – astrophysics;
  • MathSciNet, ZBMATH – mathematical citation database;
  • Google Scholar – search system of full-text information of scientific articles.

Publication in field-specific citation databases is required to be able to increase the author’s rating and efficiency of his works, which can be applied for getting grants or investments. For this reason the publication in PubMed, Chemical Abstracts, EBSCO and in other databases is an essential success criteria for any scientist.

Working with us

It should be noted that to be able to get the approval for publication it is not enough just to write the scientific article. It is required to translate it into English, to create an annotation, to prepare the referee report, to bring the article form into conformity with requirements of citing database and to fulfill a number of other conditions.

Our company provides assistance in preparing for publication of a scientific article. We make the article ready for the publication, check whether the article is in conformity with requirements, perform its translation and ensure faster processing towards publication in citation systems.

All services are performed by experienced specialists in the field-specific science, therefore the translator will convey the meaning of the article accurately, and the editor will not miss any typographical error in translated scientific terms.

We also negotiate with the publishers to be able to place an article in international or local edition faster. We have wide experience in publication assistance, therefore, if required, we can perform an expedited placement of the article.

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