Publication of articles in Erih Plus

European citation database ERIH PLUS is the largest field in humanities. It was developed specifically for making the scientific material search in sociology and humanities more convenient and faster. It is worth noting that the publication in ERIH PLUS is not only for the rating increase or bibliographic purposes. Citation database is solely to facilitate the access to humanitarian articles from various European publishers.

ERIH PLUS name translates to «European Reference Index for the Humanities». However, the publication of articles in ERIH PLUS requires a translation into English. Articles should be accompanied by abstracts in English that creates certain difficulties for Russian scientists and researchers. Our company offers not only high-quality translation of the article into English, but also preparing the work for the publication according to ERIH PLUS requirements.

 ERIH PLUS database consists from the following fields of science:

  • Anthropology;
  • Archeology;
  • Antique and gender research;
  • History and philosophy of the science;
  • History of Art, Architecture and Design;
  • Literature;
  • Linguistics;
  • Musicology;
  • Psychology and philosophy;
  • Religious Studies;
  • Scientific and pedagogical research.

Working with us

If you have prepared an article in one of this field of science, the best way would be to publish it in ERIH PLUS. This citation service of humanitarian field of studies is the most authoritative; furthermore the material can be published in any European language.

Our company provides assistance to scientific articles authors in publishing their works in ERIH PLUS. To be able to do this the translation shall be performed in accordance with the language features, the article shall be designed according to the rules of publication and publication in one of the journal to be arranged.

We not only support in preparing the scientific work, but also assist in its promotion during the process of publication in ERIH PLUS. The great wealth of experience, which we gained over the years of work in this sphere, helps us to publish works in journals we are cooperating with in a prompt way, which in turn would save your time and money.

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