Text editing

Publication in a scientific journal is the result of long work of the scientist. Published article signifies the contribution of the scientist to the scientific problem solving, and approval from the scientific community is a great appreciation and addition to benefits from publications in various editions.

However, even if the article will be the most innovative, and will be approved by all, without exception, it will not be accepted without proper structure and preparation. Moreover it is required to take into account different requirements of each scientific journal, which complicates the process of preparing the work for the publication. Our company will assist to perform the guaranteed correct editing before the publication of scientific article.

We work in publishing assisting services for a long time, and we know exactly how to prepare an article for the placement in local and foreign editions. We take into account all requirements, and pass all reviews from the first try, and as a result we speed up the process of scientific article publishing.

 The editing of scientific articles includes: 

  • Literary editing means corrections of logical and stylistic errors, which are not accepted for publication in the journal;
  • Proofreading is needed to eliminate spelling or punctuation errors that may occur as a result of typos;
  • Preparation in accordance with the requirements of all-Union State Standards includes the design of text, illustrations, citations, footnotes, bibliography and other parts of the article;
  • Making a list of references.

Working with us

It is worth noting that our company does not perform the scientific editing, because the author is responsible for the content of scientific article. Editing is carried out strictly without changing the meaning and content, therefore your work will have original tenor with the right structure.

It is important to remember that each citation database and publications have differences in preparation requirements. We perform editing strictly with the terms which are presented in the targeted service or publication. That is the only way to ensure proper editing of scientific article.

Our company also performs translation of an article for the publication, writing abstracts, reviews and urgent publication in Scopus, Web of Science, Erih Plus, RISC, HAC and in other citation indexes. If required, we can find the best journals in terms of credibility and pricing policy for you.

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