Publication in Web of Science

Before placing a scientific article in Web of Science, it is required to translate it, prepare the document in correct design, check the citations and present to the publication. Citation database Web of Science is one of the largest foreign resources, which contains thousands of publications and millions of already published works. Every year, this resource indexes new editions and works, therefore it is chosen by authors of scientific articles from around the world for presenting their work to the world community. Our company provides assistance in the publication of articles in Web of Science.

Web of Science database consists of the following citing indexes:

  • A & HCI (25%) – Humanities and Art (publications in archeology, architecture, art, history, religion, literature, philosophy);
  • SSCI (30%) – social sciences (economics, social sciences);
  • Science Citation Index Expanded (45%) – exact sciences (medicine, engineering, biology, natural sciences);
  • Other citation indexes, for journals of which the impact factor is not assigned.

Covering a wide range of knowledge fields, the publication in Web of Science is very popular even among local scientists. For this reason it is worth applying to this particular resource to be able to publish your work at a profit.

Working with us

Web of Science database has expanded internal indexing system, which complicates the procedure of search and registration of the article. However, precisely because of this expanded search system, it is possible to determine the level of uniqueness of the article quite accurately and quickly prepare it for the publication. And of course, for quick result it is required being able to work in this resource, as well as knowing the requirements for the publication in Web of Science.

Our company is an expert in this process, as assists in the publication of articles in Web of Science for years.

We offer:

  • High-quality translation by native speaker with experience in your material subject;
  • Professional editing of the article and bringing the article into conformity with Web of Science requirements;
  • Supporting service of the application submission for the publication in Web of Science;
  • Promotion of the article in the best foreign resources;
  • Ensuring a guaranteed result.

Having chosen our company, you will not only save your time and money, but also you will be able to see your work on famous journals pages, get confession and numerous benefits by publishing in Web of Science.

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